Almost every Friday, we have an informal get together at my husband's ancestral home.
For most muslims, Friday is the big day when believers gather to hear a sermon and particapate in group prayer. Friday prayer is obligatory on every man who is adult, healthy, and free .
Since the mosque is just opposite my in-laws' place, it has been our habit to drop in there, while the men go to pray. We have lunch there..and since all of us co-sisters are big on cooking, we tend to bring along something special to share..like potluck.

Tomorrow is Friday again, so , i thought of making dessert and taking it along.
(I have a sweet tooth..so I automatically think of dessert first!) I am making my favorite dessert..Dark Fantasy Pudding.
I did this for the cooking class also..and you should have heard the mmms and aaahs...after they all got a look and taste of this easy pudding!



Sunfeast dark fantasy biscuits
or Oreo cream biscuits 1 packet(200 gm)
China grass 1 packet(10 gms)
Milk 2 cups
Fresh cream 1 cup
Condensed milk 1 tin(400 gms)
Vanilla essence 1 tsp
Choclate shavings to decorate


1. Put the biscuits in a mixie and crush till finely powdered.

2. Press down into a pie dish and keep in fridge to set.

3. Shred chinagrass into strips and soak in 1 cup of milk. Keep aside.

4. Put the rest of milk, cream, essence, condensed milk into a blender and mix well .

5. Take a saucepan, and heat the soaked chinagrass(along with the milk). Stir well, till it is fully dissolved in the milk.

6. When this is slightly cool, add to the blender, and mix again.
(don't add this when hot, or else, the whole mix will curdle)

7. Take the pie dish out of the fridge. The base will be nice and hard now.

8. Pour the milk mixture gently onto the base, and keep in fridge again to set.

9. Garnish with choclate shaviongs and serve cold.

If you want to cut and serve this pie ;then substitute milk for the fresh cream.
You could also take the easy way out. Defrost a vanilla icecream, pour onto the base, then freeze. For added effect, drizzle boiling hot choclate sauce over it once it sets, then swirl with a fork for a marbled effect. Chill and serve .

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