This year has started badly for first week was okay..a whirlwind round of parties and weddings...but then, on the 6th, my father in law was admitted to the hospital in an emergency situation..he was in the intensive care unit for a week, then transferred to another hospital, where he still is..
the whole family (all 8 of us...we're a single unit)have rallied around, and we have been living our lives around the hospital..then my niece started complaining of stomach pains..which turned out to be a large ovarian she had to have an emergency operation..all of us have been dispirited and tired these past few my husband, running on very little sleep managed to bust his car on a post day before yesterday..thankfully, he wasn't hurt...

thinking about all this, I was quite scared to drive my car, and decided to be more careful(since we'd been having a slew of bad luck)And what should happen? you guessed it right! I had a run in with a biker yesterday morning...Thankfully, nothing much happened..There i was, toodling alng, when a biker cuts into my lane, and goes right under my car!You can just imagine my state!I jumped out of the car, saw that he was okay, then started hooo...All my pent up fear and thoughts of bad luck and releif that I didn't kill him....made me cry..
Net result?finally the guy who I knocked over had to comfort me, saying, It's problem,I'm fine...see, You didn't hurt hard feelings!!OOOf!!what a day!
So now, here we are, all still flitting between hospitals, hoping that things will take a turn for the better...Just not in a mood for blogging or posting a recipe, but still...



Tomatoes chopped 2 medium size
Carrots chopped 3 medium size
Water 5 cups
Onion chopped 1
Pumpkin/cabbage/capsicum 1 cup(optional )
Chicken stock cube 1
Cheese slice 2 or cheese spread 3 tbsp
Pepper as needed
Basil or oregano 1 tsp


1. Put onion, tomatoe,carrot and other veggies if you are using them, along with water in a pressure cooker and cook for 5 minutes or till you hear 4 or 5 whistles.

2. Cool, then blend in a blender till there are no chunks floating around.

3. Pour into a saucepan, add the stock cube (powdered),pepper, and cheese.Heat till the soup is thick and the cheese has melted.

4. Serve hot with bread croutons.

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