Ramadan has started today. This is a very special month for muslims. It is a time of fasting, prayer, and doing good. I love this month so much..for the control over ourselves, for the deprivation..for the charity, the feasting in the evening, for the prayers...most of all, I must say that i love the fact that as a family, it is a time for bonding and becoming even more closer. Waking up for edeyathaazham or Suhoor , the pre dawn time to eat, we all have a meal together, sit around chatting about this and that, and when the Subahi , early morning call for prayer is heard from the nearby mosque, we all stand together and do namaz,(pray) together.. yes...even the smallest member of opur family, J3, who is only 4, joins us for this. The feeling of well being and piety and love that I feel all around me when I am surrounded by my family in prayer is indescribable..
And nombu thurakkal,or iftaar, breaking our fast is also pretty special. The whole family sitting around the table eating together... prayers afterward are also done together as a family.
It is a month of forgiveness, and charity..doing good for others takes on a special importance this month.
I think I'm going all religious on you and boring you to tears...so I think I'll just wind up now.. Before I stop, I just want to tell you that the next few postings wil be having special ramadan recipes . Apricots in milk is the recipe I'm giving you today. This is a very light dessert that can be served for Iftaar . It can also be made for any other time too.. Easy to make, with a lovely taste, light on the stomach too..One more tip, you should use the really dry apricots with seeds inside,like the one shown on the left side below..not the fleshy soft ones like the ones on the right side.


Apricots 50 gms
Milk 2 cups
Condensed milk 1/2 cup
Sugar if needed


1. Soak apricots in milk for 1 hour and then boil together for 5 minutes till very soft.

2. Strain the apricots and keep aside. Remove seeds from the apricots.

3. Mix condensed milk with milk, and sugar if you like your dessert too sweet.

4. Put apricots(deseeded) back into the milkmixture, then chill.

5. Break open the seeds with a stone. You will get an almond fro inside each shell. Add this to the milk mix.

6. Serve chilled .

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