This is such a simple and magnificient idea for the kids....for you too!!The kids will love you for it..Let them make them out with suggestions, (like using the dinner table also as part of the structure!)Heavy books are also keep the sheets from sliding off !!
Having fashioned an approximate fort from all the sheets that are in your linen cupboard, the citizens of the fort will have to address the next big issue...FOOD!!
Technically and traditionally..fort food will never be nutricious..that means a big no no to rice, chapathis,etc., and big nods to jelly, icecream, fizzy drinks, biscuits..and so on...
So what this sly mommy does, is stand at the entrance of the fort with a picnic basket laden with french (or we call it here in kerala!)toasts and frothy choclate milk with straws(!!!a big treat!!)



Bread -4 slices
Milk -1/4 cup
Egg -1
Sugar -3 tbsp
Salt -a pinch
Butter -2 tbsp


1. Beat together egg,milk, sugar,and salt til light and frothy.

2. Cut bread slices into half, as triangles.

3. Heat a pan and melt a little butter.

4. Dip the bread slices in egg ,then fry till golden on either side.

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