Lazybones 2010

.... And the title of lazybones 2010 goes to mrs. Reshma Nooh !! 
what can i say ? Been so busy .. And the little time I do get as free time , I would prefer to be in my kitchen , experimenting , or curled up with a book .. No blogging , no dieting , no exercise , .... Hmmmm... Haven't I been a baaad baaad girl .. Errr female ?
On the plus side , I did make time to do something I've been longing to do for ages .. I went for some cookery classes in Cochin .. I know cooking , yes , but it's always been a trialand error method .. Self taught or advice handed down by the generations before me ..but to learn about the finer nuances .. Authentic cntinental and Italian style... This was what I had always wanted ... So I went to mrs Anita Isaac 's cookery school once a month ( 2 days ) and ... And learnt how to make a perfect ganache .. The secrets of fondant icing ... Advanced icing techniques ... What not ! And so , for the past few months... The boys and anyone who walks into my home .. Have been gorging on continental and Italian food. And they have loved the diversion from pizzas to lasagne .. From frenchfries to roast chicken .. With her permission , here I am passing on one of mrs Anita Isaac 's recipes..

Lava cake

Six ouncegrated dark choclate
Melt in microwave 1min or double boil
Add butter six ounces
Stir well

Half cup sugar plus eggs3 plus a tsp vanilla essence
Beat till foamy

Add warm choclate  mix well
1/3cup maida  remove-2tsp
Add two tsp cocoa
Sieve tegether fold into choclate mix
Pour into silicon cups
Leave around half inchspace on top
Bake in oven @160c

Serve with fresh cream or icecream

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