Been so busy ..what with weddings and parties galore...January was filled with events ..we were out almost every evening..which sorely tried my new year resolutions...which were to get back in shape by dieting and going to the gym..anyways..better late than never..i started going to the gym..fairly regularly..ermm..actually, i've gone only 5 days...but see..i am definitely going from today onwards. Been experimenting in the mallu kitchen a lot. My niece, A,had made a pudding the other day which was a gorgeous site to behold..purple and white in colour. The way she made it was quite complicated, and me being a lazybones, preferred to try out an easier version keeping the flavor and color intact. So here it is..



Grape crush 1 cup
Water 3 cups
China grass 10 gms
Fresh cream 2 cups
Sugar(powdered) 6 tbsp
Gelatine 2 tbsp
Water 4 tbsp


Mix crape crush and water well.
Take I cup of this, and soak china grass in it.
Heat till it melts .
Add rest of grape mix and blend well in a mixie,.
Pour into pudding dish and leave to set in fridge.
Blend together sugar and cream .
Add gelatine to water,leave to swell for a minute, then double boil till melted .
Add this to the cream mix, blend again in a mixie,.
Pour carefully onto the top of grape jelly, and leave to set again in fridge.
Serve chilled.

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