I had been planning to change my layout for a long time...but was just too plain lazy to take the effort...

Anyway, I finally got down to it..and managed a completely different look this time ..Hope you like it!
I'm very sorry that I just don't have the patience to post a recipe today(since I'm half asleep after the tedious work of setting the new layout)
A small update..We have a wedding coming up this niece,A is getting married on May 3rd. So we're all busy cooking up a storm at the ancestral house, in keeping with the old traditions ...will tell you more about that in my next post..ok?
We have this really fun time ragging the bride and groom on the wedding night,playing a whole load of pranks and generally teasing we've been busy planning for that too!!
As you can see, I have been busy...


  1. Hi Reshma,
    I had to actually visit ur website to see the change :) since it doesn't show up on the reader.
    Anyway Good Job, I really like the rustic look of the site, sort of like a Kalamkari pattern.
    Do post some pics of the wedding & have a great time.


  2. thank you gayatri for your let me know which gayatri u r , since i know at least 3 gayatris....keep in touch

  3. Hi Reshma, this layout looks good!

  4. amazing look and feel of the do u guys do it.
    It is indeed one of the best in the blogdom..please share some tips and pointers in ur blog too.
    this is my first visit and i have no idea how it looked previously..but yea, assuming the typical templates..this is just fab!!

  5. ithengane sadhikkunnu???????really good work. keep on writing umma

  6. ithengane sadhikkunnu?????u r really good at what u r doing.congrats.naseem. umma.