My garden is ablaze with flowers today..
I do so love to sit at my garden bench,soaking up the morning sun’s tender warmth.
And I marvel at the beauty of it…So much colour..Did I really plant this garden myself? Truly, I never expected such loveliness when I started planting the flower beds last year. Now, the bright flowers spill out of their beds, and butterflies flutter aroud everywhere…Is this what they call Heaven?
I am relly sorry that I cannot write anything today other than such trite nonsense..It is Ramzan after all… and one just can’t think properly on an empty stomach..As we reach the end of this month, we’re all getting tired faster, our movements are more sluggish, and we pass the days in a blur of prayers and cooking. And my tired brain cries out for some simple recipes to make…
Yesterday, at Iftaar( breaking of our fast), I made mixed fruit whip.It’s lovely, easy to make, pleasing to the eye, and so light and tasty. Just what the doctor ordered…full of the richness of fruits and milk, this recipe is perfect for ahot summer day too !!


Chilled Milk- 4 cups
Condensed Milk(optional) 2tbsp
Sugar ¼ cup
Vanilla Essence ½ tsp
Apple 1
Papaya (not too ripe) ¼ cup
Small banana 3
Pomegranates ½ cup


1. Mix together milk, condensed milk ,sugar, and vanilla essence.
2. Chop fruits except pomegranates into tiny pieces.
3. Add to the milk.
4. Chill and serve cold.

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